Terradex, Inc. powers web and consulting services to create solutions for protecting health and the environment especially at land tracts or sites which have been adversely affected due to the presence of oil releases or hazardous substances. Under PLW, Terradex and PNL have teamed to repurpose Terradex’s well-used and business-trusted core platform, LandWatch, which alerts industrial and environmental agency customers when risky land activities occur above contaminated sites, for similar application along pipeline routes.


Formed in 2017, TerraNavigator was formed to respond to the increasing demand for private investment in brownfield redevelopment. For owners of environmentally impacted sites who desire to convert these liabilities into cash generating and sustainable assets, TerraNavigator is a turnkey sustainability solutions company that specializes in the beneficial re-use of environmentally impacted sites. Our transparent and collaborative approach can provide a sustainable, low-risk, and profitable competitive advantage. Unlike other environmental consultants, our solutions are tailored to uniquely address each customer’s individual business needs while balancing energy, ecology, and economy at no cost to the landowner.

Texas Star Alliance

Marshall Coover, a Principal at the Texas Star Alliance, brings ten years worth of experience navigating the environmental regulatory process, as well as the accompanying relationships he developed as a legal advisor to Governor Perry, Chief of Staff and Special Counsel to the Chairman of the TCEQ, and then as the Senior Advisor responsible for running the TCEQ’s Federal Governmental Relations efforts. Moreover, Mr. Coover is a true “multi-threat” player; he is a graduate of the McCombs Executive MBA Program, and his practice at the Texas Star Alliance has quickly expanded beyond traditional lobbying and legal work to include managerial and financial consulting. Projects that combine the need for someone with deep subject-matter expertise in environmental law, effective regulatory advocacy, and the ability to articulate complex financial and legal arguments, like the “Boneyard Concept”, are where Marshall’s unique and valuable skill set is particularly necessary.